Wasting Your Day Away

Wasting Your Day Away

Wasting Your Day Away

My advice for today is for you to stop wasting your day away as life is way too short to let it pass you by. We should each individually strive to fulfil our potential, do our utmost every day, making the best use of our time.

The modern world is fast paced and time can often seem to slip by with us hardly noticing. It’s for that reason that it’s important we don’t spend time or attention on things that are pointless, unproductive or harmful.

Is there anything you’re wasting your time on, that you need to cut out of your life?

Each person has 168 hours per week available to them.  I have 168 hours per week. You have 168 hours per week. You only have 24 hours each day, and between getting enough sleep, eating well and trying to make a living, it’s hard to find enough time to enjoy the life you were given, and to fulfil our potential.

Life passes so quickly. I want to help you ensure that you don’t waste your life away.

To many people I meet are unhappy with their lives, saddened by what they have achieved, yet they have no dreams, no passion to drive them away from where they don’t want to be towards a different life where they want to go.

They are dying inside.

Life is just passing them by. Time just seems to waste away.

Don’t let this happen to you. Do not waste your life. Your ambitions.

Your time is extremely valuable.

You need to have big dreams. Then work towards achieving these dreams.

Being determined to fulfil your potential.

Time is the most precious commodity you have. Your time is not limitless. Once it runs out its gone forever.  None of us know how much time we’ve got, so the only thing to do is make the most of what we get.

There are so many things that waste your valuable time and energy that don’t matter at the end of the day.

Every hour of your life you spend poorly is a piece of your life wasted.

  1. You’re glued to your phone.
  2. Social networking non stop
  3. Gaming your day away
  4. Sitting around doing nothing
  5. Sleeping your day away
  6. Drinking in the pub
  7. Watching TV or films online
  8. Continuously moaning about how you feel bored, unfulfilled, and spiritless
  9. Arguing with other people

It’s you that chooses how to spend your time. When you choose to do one thing, you intentionally forego another. This moment can only be lived once and in one way. You will never again experience the second that has just past; you spent that second.

The pleasure derived from any activity needs to be measured by its long term impact on your life. By spending time working towards your big dreams and fulfilling your potential, is time well spent. Moaning about your life, spending the day chatting about nothing in social networks or killing zombies in some computer game is time simply wasted away.

Is your time well spent, or do you waste too much of it away?