This Week’s Motivational Video

This Week’s Motivational Video

This Week’s Motivational Video

Do you find yourself craving inspiration? Do you cast about for something to look forward to each day? Is all the zeal and drive in your life being drained for lack of a motivating factor?

You are hardly unique in this. Many people feel that there is a shortage of inspiration in their lives. Such a problem is easily escaped, however. There are many things we can do that will make us happier and improve the quality of our lives.

Bringing more inspiration into your life everyday reminds you that life is beautiful. On those days especially, when life doesn’t seem to be going your way or you are struggling through one of life’s challenges, remember to seek out something inspiring. There is more to life than pain or struggle–there is a side of life that is amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful.  Sometimes we may need to be reminded about this aspect of life.

Nature is something that can inspire everybody.  You can’t help find inspiration from nature?!  Watch this video from the BBC Planet Earth Series, this takes a look at the wonder and majesty of God’s creation, set to the song, “Creation Calls” by Brian Doerksen.

I believe it reminds us of the wonders that nature holds, the hidden treasures awaiting our exploration.

 Remembering how much beauty exists in the world in which we live and how nature beholds mystery in each and every part of it. We need to use all our senses to recognise it, to appreciate and marvel it.

Take time to enjoy the delight of the simple things that exist around us. As we celebrate gratefulness, our own life changes in positive ways.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.  John Burroughs