Never Accept Defeat

Never Accept Defeat

Never Accept Defeat

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon and evening completely captivated by the Ryder Cup. The European team produced one of the greatest comebacks on any sporting field to win the 2012 Ryder Cup.

Needing to claim eight points in the concluding singles to retain the trophy, Europe won six of the first eight encounters before Germany’s Martin Kaymer secured the vital point to retain the Cup. It was breath taking.

What made this incredible fete possible. Englishman Luke Donald sums it up when he said “We believed in our hearts we could win this!”

Attaining peak personal performance and generating personal power begins with a mental strength mindset and empowering beliefs.

Everything that we achieve in life starts in the mind!

Learning that everything is a potential opportunity requires a strong mindset. But without it success is impossible.

When things don’t go the way you want them to, or how you planned it’s easy to hang your head in defeat. But you can’t actually ever be defeated if you refuse to accept defeat. Defeat is only possible if you give up and no longer try to get the success you want, if you give up and refuse to take the actions that will gain the success you want. This European team refused to accept defeat. They would go on in search of victory until it was impossible.,

What did they find? Nothing is impossible and everything is possible if you just make the opportunity and refuse to accept defeat.

Man for man they accepted full responsibility. They each had complete faith in not only themselves but their team mates. It was this faith that enabled them to grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

Their performance encapsulates for me the perfect example of one of the key defining factors which separates success from failure, and victory from defeat.

Whether you call it faith or belief.

When you have a positive attitude, nothing is impossible. All you need is mental grit and determination. You could see this oozing through every one of the European golfers. Pumping their fists and focusing their minds completely on each and every shot.

They proved nothing is impossible in this world and if it was considered impossible, you will not see the incredible feats you see every day. Scaling the great Himalayas, researching the unreachable depth of the sea, recovering from a four point margin on the last day of the Ryder Cup. Their mental attitude and their inner strength was resolute, it gave them the edge, it was without a doubt the key to victory against the odds.,

Let them be your example. You can also coach your mind to believe in the impossible, to have belief in yourself that you can truly make the impossible possible. You have to adopt the mindset of a peak performer. Look at the example yesterday of Ian Poulter, he was magnificent. The perfect example of mental toughness. Even when he was two down nobody would look at him and thought ‘he won’t pull this back’, it was there, in his eyes, you knew, he wouldn’t be beaten.

Everything depends on your mind set and your positive thoughts. ‘I will do it’ should be your motto and not ‘will I be able to do it’ as most people think and so fail.

Be a winner at whatever you do, or at least give it your best shot. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and you’re sure to go a long way.

To my American readers, never mind, there’s always another chance in two years time.