Making A Decision To Transform Your Life

Making A Decision To Transform Your Life

Making A Decision To Transform Your Life

One moment can lead to reinvention. Just as quick as a blink of an eye you can pick up on a cue that leads to you suddenly making a decision to transform your life.

Anyone who is a regular visitor to this blog knows that on occasion I will write about my two daughters. Well today is such an instance.

We have just gone through a traumatic 4 months sitting and watching my mum sleep her way to heaven in hospital. At one time things were clearly going the wrong way. One of the wonderful nurses looking after my mum came into the room and saw us all sitting around her bed looking crestfallen and in the depths of anguish. This nurse then came over to where I was sitting and sat himself down on my lap. He then said there are times when my duty is not just to my patients but also their loved ones. I just want you all to know I’m here for you and whenever you need me just ask. Even if it means I cheer you up by sitting on this big man’s lap.

For my youngest daughter Carly that was it. From thinking for quite a while that she wanted to become a midwife and slowly did things to make this a possibility suddenly she saw her vocation. She wanted to do what a nurse like him did, caring for his patients but also those suffering by their side. No matter how rushed of his feet he may be which frequently he was, he always had time for a kind word and a smile.

So he became her inspiration.

She was like an unstoppable storm. Everything that could be done to bring about this new dream was done. In this narrow space of time she has got het applications into Universities and has already received her 1st acceptance following an interview.

Previously she was simply terrified by interviews. Those that she’d had previously in her mind hadn’t gone well mainly because of her nerves. She can be very shy and lacks confidence at times. But she believes she excelled this time and it was due to this now being her dream. Everything in her mindset had changes because she was now empowered by the path she had decided to take. She has found her calling the way she feels that she can contribute to the world and make a difference.

This one decision, to become a nurse, has reinvented her life. Proof that reinvention doesn’t have to happen only once you reach midlife. The minute you see the way forward for you your life can take off with excitement and meaning.

Today Carly is here with me. She has travelled 400 miles so as to be able to attend an interview at Northumbria University tomorrow. Her new journey has well and truly started.

For those of you interested in your very own Reinvention and ready to transform your life, please check out my Reinvention University.