How to declutter your mind | inner voice

How to declutter your mind | inner voice

How to declutter your mind | inner voice

How to declutter your mind and find your inner voice!

The beginning of  your journey to discover your inner voice is learning how to listen for that strange feeling that helps you respond with a clarity you never had before.

Once you find your inner voice it will have a strong influence on guiding you towards your life’s purpose.

Obstacles and resistance along the way.

To embark on this  journey it is important to prepare properly so you arrive at your destination safely.
When you are on this journey you need to clear out some of the baggage collected over the years. This is necessary to reduce the obstacles and resistance you will face.  Making changes to years of experiences and constant programming often negative  will be faced with  resistance.
This comes from your subconscious mind as it begins to deal with the changes you need to make. The subconscious mind is a creature of habit and it resists change.

My personal battle with my subconscious mind

It reminds me of my struggle as I work very hard to slow down the chatter in my mind through positive self talk. It feels  like there is a war raging on in my head. At times I will be energised and moving full throttle ahead towards feeling good about myself and fulfilling my goals.  Suddenly a bolt of lightening will pierce through the clarity of my thoughts I will start to second guess and have self doubts. This will lead to self sabotage. When I am  gripped by these uncertainities nothing seems to work quite the way I want it to.

So I had to find a  process to learn how to declutter  my  mind to clean out the old and bring in the new.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”.

Ghandi’s quote is inspirational because from what he says, it’s all about what we think, this defines who we are. If we have the power to shape our thoughts then we can do and become whatever we decide to think  about. The amazing part is that we do have this incredible ability to make choices. Deciding to choose who we are is exciting. Once we can do this we are able to break through the clutter.

We become the programmers.
To be in a position to create a brand new program we have to change  the programming of the past. Clear the slate if you like.So lets get into how we can  declutter our minds. It takes work , sacrifice and persistence, If this scares you then just accept the old programming.

It might be the program that serves you best of all.

A thirty day mental cleanse is required to reprogram your mind.  This thirty day mental cleanse will pave the way for a new fertile  garden of thoughts to emerge. It is like a garden because you will be removing the weeds of negativity that were strangling it and prepare your mind for new thoughts to flourish in it. It’s like awakening boldly from a deep sleep similar to a coma. All of a sudden there is a freshness to everything that you say and do.

How to declutter your mind through a mental cleanse

To declutter your mind you have to remove the weeds of negativity.
Our whole world and surroundings are full of negativity and fear, this influences our thinking. If we just go along with this we draw in negativity. This causes stress, anxiety and clutter.
The only way to fight it is to make a conscious decision to block it out. To block it out you need to spend thirty days away from

negative TV.

negative radio.

negative people.

negative computers.

negative emails.

All negative influences need to be removed. When you block out negativity you are able to tune into the positive channel. This will allow you to attract positive thoughts towards you. Life is a whole lot better when you are surrounded by positive people all buzzing to achieve their life’s dreams and aspirations.

Why do we need to spend thirty days away from negativity?
It takes 21 days to make any thing that you do over and over again a habit. The extra nine days are for insurance purposes. To some of you this may seem like a difficult thing to achieve.

However this is the price you must pay to prepare the fertile garden in your mind. There is no such thing as something for nothing. The universe will only align with you when you are prepared to pay a price for what you will receive. I hope you can commit to the price being asked here. The rewards will far outweigh the asking price.

The process is working when you begin to feel a difference in your energy level. Soon after that you will begin to be aware of the thoughts buzzing around in your head.

If you can do this then you are beginning to declutter your mind.

In my next post on the science and power of self talk, we will explore how positive self talk can become a shield against negativity.