Finding Your Golden Nugget

Finding Your Golden Nugget

Finding Your Golden Nugget

We all search for that golden nugget outside of us, but in truth the one of greatest value lies within us. I’ve been trying to find the right analogy to describe today’s idea. First I started thinking of that well known expression ‘the needle in a haystack’ but that just didn’t resonate with the true picture.

More apt would be seeing a pile of horse shit and finding a golden nugget right in the middle. This is how I’m coming to see people’s disastrous periods of their life. You know the time I’m talking about, when everything and anything that could go wrong does. When life seems to be crumbling in around us, our feet feel glued to the ground and we can’t get ourselves unstuck.

For me this was the time that I lost my home, was made bankrupt and tried blindly to keep a business afloat that was haemorrhaging money at a time my capital had been exhausted by legal battles. I just found myself submerged fighting a losing battle unable to get myself off my knees.

I was like a losing boxer. Every time I got off the canvas my opponent put me straight back there. For me this opponent was just life. There seemed no end to my troubles.

Well I’ve come a long way since those crazy distressing days. But now they mean something completely different to me. The reason is simple, I found the gold nugget that was there for me to always see but I missed it for so long because I didn’t look.

The solution always lies within the problem, and it always will. It’s there for you to find. Even in the mist of your greatest real life nightmares and no matter the intensity of the pain you’re suffering from there will be something telling you what you should be doing.


Just accept that you have to dig deeply enough to find your hidden gift, your golden nugget, no matter how difficult it is to find when it’s obscured through the pain of the event itself and our fears about what will happen.

Never forget the saying there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, life will bring many challenges and it’s not easy to embrace them when we’re suffering and wishing those things would have never happened. But if we start looking for the answers then we’re likely to find them.

It’s your golden nugget and it’s there waiting for you to find it.

This is a concept that’s at the heart of reinvention. Reinvention is about evolution, doing things differently because we didn’t do it right the first time. But that first time is what gives us the answers to how to do it better next time around.

It’s about what’s next, what else is there for us, how you we make our life better than it is now and perhaps trying something we’ve only dreamed of. Looking in the debris of what’s happened to us so far gives us the answers we need, it uncovers our golden nugget.

Here is a key thought for you to take away from this article, ask yourself the right questions because this will lead you to finding insightful answers, discovering your golden nugget.