Enjoying A Life Of Freedom

Enjoying A Life Of Freedom

Enjoying A Life Of Freedom

Every single one of us has the freedom to be anything we so desire once we open ourselves up to the possibilities awaiting us, and allow our potential to shine.

We are fortunate in that each one of us has the choice to be who we want to be, do the things we want to do, and have what we want to have. Too often though we force our own limitations upon ourselves so that we don’t have to show who we really are. We allow ourselves to be controlled and constrained which restricts our potential, and happiness. We can end this imprisonment any time we want, and say to ourselves ‘now it’s time to express the real me.’

Once you make the decision to open up like a beautiful flower, no one or nothing can constrain you any longer. You are your very own person. The expectations and requirements of others should be of no concern to you.

This is the beauty of what life really brings us, the freedom to choose.

Who doesn’t remember the scene from Braveheart where William Wallace addressed his troops before they went into battle with the larger, better equipped and trained English army.

Let’s repeat those words, “They ‘ll never take our freedom!”

Freedom is the capability and ability to remain true to yourself and those around you without fear where you can express yourself genuinely and be as is your right without fear or prejudice or admonishment.

We owe it to ourselves to experience the full range of feelings coming from freedom where we are free from the judgement and intervention of others.

Could you imagine a life where you had freedom from financial worries, freedom to have positive relationships, freedom to do what you dream, freedom to live life in the way you want, freedom to realise your full potential.

That has to be our goal in life!

Many of us have been born into societies that believe in freedom of expression, good education and healthcare.

The tragedy is others are not so lucky and there are too many countries where freedom does not exist at all.

This gives us even more reason why we should not throw away our opportunities, and instead we should demonstrate our acceptance of the freedom we have and make the very most of it. Part of that freedom is expressing ourselves and trying to make the difference. The little each of us do will demonstrate to the world the value of humans rights and free will. It is amazing how things can change, maybe slowly, but with time change happens.

We are hearing a lot about the ill health being suffered by a wonderful man, Nelson Mandela. As President Obama said this is the man who steered his country through its historic transition from apartheid to democracy: Part of the price he paid was imprisonment for 27 years.

Let me use his words as the truest and strongest motivation for any of you to enjoy freedom of life.

Now hunt for your freedom and pursue it with everything you have.