Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride

It’s easy for me to say enjoy the ride but life’s journey is not always pretty. At times life will try to beat you down and break you if it can. Things can get pretty confusing, unclear and terrifying. You will face setbacks, breaking points, and failure. Others may question you, some go as far as to doubt you, a few will ridicule you. Yet you must continue going forward, and try to enjoy the ride, and never allow yourself to fall off.

Your path will never be a straightforward one, the road rarely clear, and your destination at times uncertain. Sometimes you will feel lost, abandoned, desperate to find the right path for you. Every which way you turn you seem to find closed doors or dead ends. Well keep moving, keep turning, because you will find the right road.

You need to be an adventurer excited about your journey of exploration and what lies ahead and brave enough to keep taking steps forward, while strong enough to get through the obstacles you meet. None of us know what lies ahead. We have no certainty about where we will come out on our journey. My compass has always been my belief, it knows what I do is right, where I’m going is meant for me, and I make sure I enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy it may be.

Each one of our journey’s is unique. The path I’ve chosen is a different one to you. My heart and soul know this is my path, it just feels right. When I take wrong turns I soon find out because that’s when things go wrong. When I’m back on the right track, magically everything seems to go my way. There is no coincidence in this. .

Don’t allow negativity to stop you in your tracks. You get spend more time thinking and analyzing what steps to take in life than actually taking them. Stop with all this wasted time, and let your spontaneous nature kick in and get moving in life.

In my journey I have had to deal with so much uncertainty.

I have met many crises on the way. But what is the point in worrying about the future or allowing it to stop you from moving forwards. If you allow the hard parts of life to get to you, then anxiety and stress will make you feel like you have no control over anything in your life and that life’s just a vicious cycle taking you from one disaster to the next.

Your hands are not tied, nor your legs bound so you are in control of the route that you take. So listen to your own heart to find the path that’s right for you. Momentum is one of the most powerful life forces. A few small steps forward will eventually lead to giant strides, so setting out on a journey now will mean that some time ahead you can reached your desired destination.

It’s always the small things you do that can have the biggest impact in your life.

When you set yourself free to go on a journey of your choosing through life you will find opportunities where before there has only been limitations.

I’ve worked hard to get to the point where I’m at, and have had many lucky breaks on my journey. Whether these would have come my way if I hadn’t followed my own path, one around my passions, Im very doubtful. We make our luck, by choosing our right paths.

Your potential awaits you on the road. You just have to get moving down it. There is so much possible for you, but it’s up to you to lead yourself to an exhilarating life fulfilling your potential.

Walk strong and meet every challenge so you create your most remarkable life and let excitement keep you going. Enjoy the Ride!