Belief in yourself

Belief in yourself

Belief in yourself

We humans will not attempt something that we don’t believe possible, and if we do we won’t give 100% of our ability to something we don’t believe in. The starting point for success is to have belief in yourself.

Let’s look at the Roger Bannister story. He was the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes. I can actually go further, he was the first human to do it. Before he did it, it was generally believed that the human body was incapable of achieving such a landmark. Science gave many reasons why it was impossible for the human body to break such an impossible time.

But bannister believed it could be done, and that he was the man that could do it. It was his dream. And he was right, he did it.

Once he accomplished breaking the 4 minute mile, belief about whether it was possible obviously changed dramatically. Others seeing Bannister breaking this time barrier, now believed not only was it possible, but they themselves could do it.

Remember, when you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

Bannister’s record lasted 46 days. Within 2 years more than fifty athletes went under the 4 minute mile. Thousands have done so since.

This thing that nobody could do for century after century suddenly became reality for so many. Belief is an amazing thing.

So what is it that you need to start believing in to give you the best chance of achieving it?

Start believing, have an empowering belief in yourself!

Particularly believe in yourself and what you can do!

Take that bold, confident step as taught to us by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich and start seeing what it is you want, and who you want to be in your mind, in your dreams:

Don’t wait for someone else to prove to you that something you want to do can be accomplished.

Belief in yourself and in the possibility of success is the most important requirement for living an extraordinary life.